Reggie pitches why you should choose Wii U over Xbox One and PS4

Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime is confident that Wii U still remains a viable option for consumers, even in the wake of Microsoft and Sony unleashing their new next-gen machines upon the world.

“The pitch for us is that it’s all about software,” Fils-Aime began, in the latest episode of GT.TV. “What’s the software you’re going to play on your systems? And sure, if you want to play Assassin’s Creed, we’ve got it. If you want to play Call of Duty, we’ve got it. But this is the only place where you can play those great Nintendo franchises.”

With Keighley bringing up an old conversation where Reggie had predicted that New Super Mario Bros. Wii could outsell single platform sales for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 – one that came true – he asked whether this could be a recurrence on Wii U.

“The reason I could make that statement, is that it’s all about install base and it’s all about having a top shelf game that sells over time,” Reggie explained.

“The fact of the matter is, games like Super Mario 3D World, games like Mario Kart on Wii U and Smash Bros. on Wii U are going to have a fantastic sales curve over time. And I can guarantee those games, in this generation which is about to start, are going to be top 10 selling games across the entire generation selling only on one platform. I can guarantee it.”

Asked whether Nintendo were worried about the marketing and momentum behind Xbox One and PlayStation 4, Reggie responded: “Look, again, in the end software sells hardware, and it was probably about a year ago that you and I were talking – we were probably talking about Nintendo 3DS, right? And the big challenge there was ‘Reggie, what’s happening with your 3DS business? It’s going to get hammered by smartphones and tablets!’ Look at where we are today.

“Last 12 months, Nintendo 3DS is a billion dollar business just here in the United States. Software sales are up 22 percent, last five months in a row the number one selling system has been 3DS. Why? We’ve had a great line-up of software. Software sells hardware.”

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  1. Okay Reggie – my favorite last gen games on top of my head were (had wii, 360 and ps3) GTA, Elder Scrolls, Unchartered, Batman, Journey, Mass Effect, Last of us, Battlefield and I’d throw in a few of the lego games too.

    What do you recommend I get next gen?

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