Reggie: Console success defined by games not processing power

Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime has once again defended the Wii U’s technical specification in comparison to competitor next-gen consoles.

He cites the PlayStation 2 and Wii being the weaker powered hardware of their respective generations, yet achieving the most significant success simply through the software they had that excited consumers.

“The processing power of the hardware really doesn’t matter,” Fils-Aime explained to Forbes. “And I say that with confidence looking at the most recent generation of home consoles where the Wii, which, the broad industry looked at and said ‘boy, this seems to be underpowered’ but sold 100 million units global. And the consumer saw the innovation of the Wii Remote and the active gameplay we offered.”

He continued, “Even if you look at the generation before that, it was Sony’s product that was underpowered compared to the other two home consoles and yet they won that generation. So in the end it comes down to the games. The games drive the install base, the games excite the consumer, and again we feel very good about the games we have not only from a first-party perspective but from a third-party as well.”

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