How to receive your free Celebi in Pokémon Bank


With Pokémon Bank having now become available across Europe, Australia and New Zealand, players can now also get their hands on a free Celebi, the Mythical Time Travel Pokémon.

The Celebi, which is level 10 with the ability Natural Cure, has initially learned the moves Recover, Heal Bell, Safeguard and Hold Back.

A Nintendo Network ID (NNID) is required to access the service, so if you are yet to create one make sure that you do so beforehand. You will need to have updated your 3DS to at least version 7.0.0-13U to do so, after which this can be performed through the System Settings menu.

After which, follow the steps below to claim Celebi:
1. Download the free Pokémon Bank application from the Nintendo eShop.
2. With your Pokémon X or Pokémon Y game card inserted, start the application. If you purchased the game digitally, there’s no need for a game card.
3. If accessed before 14th March 2014, it will be explained that you need a 30-day Trial Pass. To begin this, select “Purchase” and you will be prompted to buy this free of charge.
4. Once the transaction is complete, you’ll be introduced to Pokémon Bank by, presumably fictional, developer Brigette, after which the service will perform initial setup.
5. Select “Use Pokémon Bank” when possible, and choose to use whichever game you have in your 3DS card slot. As this is your first time using Pokémon Bank, you will be given either 100 Poké Miles or 10 Battle Points for free.
6. You must use the service before you can receive Celebi, so place any Pokémon within “Bank 1,” selecting your choice using either the Circle Pad or D-Pad. There’s no touchscreen input, sadly. Hit “Move” and then place the cursor in “Bank 1” and hit the A button to drop it in.
7. Press the X button to save your changes, which will be sent to the server, and then quit.
8. You must now load your copy of either Pokémon X or Pokémon Y, to then collect the Poké Miles or Battle Points that you received earlier. Do this by selecting “Pokémon Link” from the game’s menu – a necessary step so that you can be sent Celebi.
9. Load Pokémon Bank again, select “Use Pokémon Bank” from the menu and choose your game card again. Brigette will greet you after this, and provide you with your free Celebi.
10. Hit the X button to save and then quit. Once again load your copy of Pokémon X or Pokémon Y and choose “Pokémon Link” from the main menu and retrieve data. Your Celebi will then be delivered to one of your in-game boxes, which can be accessed from any PC.

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