Rebellion Is Working On Nintendo Switch Games

Sniper Elite 4 Artwork

Rebellion has revealed that they see Nintendo Switch as “a really important” platform, and have confirmed that the UK-based developer is working on multiple games for the portable home console.

That being said, you shouldn’t expect to see Sniper Elite 4, Zombie Army Trilogy or Strange Brigade suddenly ported across.

In recognising that Nintendo Switch is “not as powerful” as PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, the developer would rather come up with “new and interesting ideas” that work to the strengths of the platform.

“Switch is a really important format to us,” Rebellion CEO Jason Kingsley explained to VG247. “We are working on Switch titles. It’s a different power of machine, so you have to be a bit careful – it’s not as powerful as PS4 or the Xbox. We can’t just port our games onto Switch, you’ve gotta think of new and interesting ideas.

“One of the things we’ve been through is console change. We were on the first PlayStation, PS2, PS3, PS4. There’s always a new challenge. We make games very cost-effectively. Our games sell half as well as the biggest games out there and that’s pretty damn good, but our games cost a tenth of what theirs cost to make.”

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