Rebellion In The Dark About Nintendo NX

sniper elite 3

Rebellion CEO Jason Kingsley has shared that the studio doesn’t know any more about Nintendo NX than the rest of us.

Sharing his belief that the company make “incredible hardware,” he wasn’t particularly critical of that fact. But, as to whether they will support the dedicated game platform is a decision that will expectedly wait until they know more about precisely what it is.

It’s a more mature stance than we’ve heard in recent weeks, especially in comparison to Moon Studios who strongly sounded off about Nintendo’s silence.

“Nintendo are brilliant. They’re a fabulous company and I love them,” Kingsley shared with VideoGamer. “I always feel they’re quite eccentric. They come up with some incredible hardware. Even the Virtual Boy back in the day was really intriguing, and then the clamshell design of their handhelds.

“To be honest, I just don’t know [whether Rebellion will support NX]. The only way I can answer the question is, when we know what the machine is we’ll see and we’ll have a look. I’ve always loved Nintendo, I love their games and love their hardware.”

He continued, “I know no more about [NX] than you do, so we’d be purely speculating. If it’s something that will run our games and if it isn’t some weird wobble balance board or something that’s totally irrelevant to what we’re doing then, if we can and if there’s a market there, if there’s a commercial opportunity, then we definitely want to capitalise on that.”

Rebellion developed Sniper Elite V2 for Wii U, which Kingsley revealed was “modestly successful” despite arriving a year after it debuted on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. Before that, they had worked on titles across Wii, GameCube, Nintendo DS, Game Boy Advance, Game Boy Color, and even as far back as Game Boy with 1998’s Klustar.

As to whether their support will continue on NX, Kingsley won’t make a commitment until more is known about the dedicated game platform. “I can’t say yes, I can’t say no at this stage, because I don’t actually know what [NX] is,” he closed.

Nintendo NX will be revealed in the coming months, with expectation that it will launch worldwide later this year.

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