RazerGO Will Let You Send Messages To Pokémon GO Players Nearby


Razer has launched RazerGO, an unofficial companion app for iOS and Android to specifically support the Pokémon GO community.

This will help players find others in their local area that are enjoying the augmented reality app, using your location to set up chat groups with others within a 3-mile radius. That range can be broadened to a 60-mile radius to those in their region, or a 600-mile radius to engage in a national chat.

Users are able to filter between public chat or to see messages from only those that have chosen the same team as them, while direct messages can be sent to specific users.

The RazerGO app’s launch was celebrated with a PokéCrawl in San Francisco, where trainers gathered to wander multiple routes while Razer placed lures to help discover nearby Pokémon.

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