Rayman Legends Uplay Actions and Rewards confirmed


Met with critical acclaim, Rayman Legends looks set to be as great a game as we always thought it would be.

That hasn’t prevented it from being accompanied by a rather lacklustre rewards list through Ubisoft’s supporting Uplay service. You’ll be able to fork over your hard earned points to unlock more Lums, which are used to purchase extra characters within the Heroes Gallery – the most expensive costing 1 million.

* You just met Murfy – 10
Finish Once upon a time.
* I just love Teensies – 20
Free 50 Teensies.
* Fallen Giant – 30
Finish the painting “Wrestling with a Giant!”
* Punching Darkness! – 40
Finish the painting “A Cloud of Darkness!”

* Some lums – 10
2,000 additional Lums for you…
* More lums – 20
5,000 additional Lums for you…
* So many lums – 30
7,000 additional Lums for you…
* A mountain of lums – 40
10,000 additional Lums for you…

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