Rayman Legends free online challenge mode to release on Wii U


Last month saw the announcement that Ubisoft had chosen to delay Rayman Legends by seven months to September, a decision that wasn’t greeted particularly positively by fans.

Whilst the publisher rushed to explain the situation this only made matters worse, which lead to promises of a further Wii U exclusive demo.

Within a Facebook video, creative director Michel Ancel and senior game manager Michael Micholic confirmed that Wii U owners can instead look forward to a free Online Challenge Mode that will release through the Nintendo eShop.

Challenges are generated daily and weekly, with five differing gameplay styles that include The Deadly Pit, The Land of the Dead, The Infernal Tower, The Dojo, and The Dungeon. This is playable alone or with up to five players, and sees you aim to achieve the speediest scores – high ranking ghosts available to you so that you can see how you are doing.

Rayman Legends will release for Wii U in September.

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