Rayman creator joins protest against Rayman Legends delay


Rayman creator Michel Ancel has seemingly joined the protest against Ubisoft’s announcement to delay the limbless hero’s latest outing, Rayman Legends.

As reported by French gaming website Gameblog.fr, Ancel and staff from Ubisoft Montpellier joined fan Joffrey Babilotte as they stood alongside a hand-drawn banner that he had made in protest to the publisher’s recent decision.

The banner itself reads “Release Rayman, support Ubisoft Montpellier,” with Rayman himself making his plea heard.

Rayman Legends was previously expected to launch at the end of February as a Wii U exclusive, yet Ubisoft last week announced the decision to delay the game by seven months to September.

Such a choice so close to its expected release was met negatively, especially after Ubisoft themselves clarified that the delay wasn’t due to development issues.

Then, trying to address the public outcry, Ubisoft confirmed they would release a new, exclusive demo on Wii U.

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