Rayman creator has designed a special course for Super Mario Maker


Nintendo recently sat down to interview Rayman creator Michel Ancel about his experiences with the Super Mario Bros. series, and challenged the game designer to create a special course in Super Mario Maker.

Ancel reveals that his first experience with Nintendo’s portly Italian plumber was playing Donkey Kong’s arcade version, before later discovering Super Mario Land on Game Boy. He shares that the simplicity in any Mario game has inspired him, demonstrating on how a wide variety of courses can be created with only a limited range of components.

He also shares advice on creating a course for a platform game, and the main trick to success would be to firstly consider the general concept behind the course. Sketching it out will make this easier, which can then be refined as you begin to implement your broader idea.

Surprised by how flexible the game was in allowing ideas to be remixed to surprise players, Ancel has created a special course that will become available in the Wii U exclusive.

Super Mario Maker will release exclusively for Wii U in Japan on September 10th, and worldwide on September 11th.

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