Rakoo’s Adventure making a dash to Wii U


With their newly announced Xport program having already brought Bento Studio’s Cosmophony to Wii U, Moving Player have shared what they have lined up next.

That will see Old Skull Games’ endless runner Rakoo’s Adventure similarly make its way to the Nintendo eShop, the game’s star clumsy critter on a quest for love and romance. That sees him abandon his family and friends and set out on an adventure to meet that one special person, although he doesn’t realise how dangerous the world can be.

With a gloriously adorable art style Rakoo’s Adventure took inspiration from Jetpack Joyride and Rayman Jungle Run, and was previously released on iOS and Android devices in late 2013. It’s now on its journey to Wii U, and we’ll keep you posted of any updates!

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