Rainway App No Longer In “Active Development” For Nintendo Switch

Rainway App Screenshot

Rainway has announced that their app is no longer in “active development” for Nintendo Switch, reiterating that Nintendo has not granted approval for its release on the portable home console.

With the app, the creators have promised that players would be able to “play their favourite games instantly inside of a web browser with the same performance of a native desktop app,” using low latency streaming technology that transfers data over a network in nanoseconds.

It wasn’t long before the developer had sparked controversy after choosing to prominently feature Nintendo Switch in the app’s early promotion, soon met with a backlash when it had emerged that Nintendo hadn’t yet backed its release on the console.

That situation hasn’t changed, and, until it does, they have shifted their focus to Android and Xbox One.

“We are currently actively developing Rainway for Android and the Xbox One,” the developer confirmed on Twitter. “The Switch is not in active development as we have not received approval from Nintendo to do so yet. When we have an update, one will be posted.”

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