Raiden III x MIKADO MANIAX Release Date Soars In


NIS America and Moss Co. have confirmed a release date for Raiden III x MIKADO MANIAX, which will release on Nintendo Switch in the coming months.

As an extraterrestrial race known as the Crystals launches another attack on Earth, you must soar sky-high to put an end to their assault. This “electrifying” entry in the classic arcade shoot ’em up series promises high-octane aerial action, marking its debut on modern consoles.

The developer has looked to stay true to the series’ classic origins, letting you “relive the original arcade experience with vertical screen play while deploying several unique wallpapers for the edges of the screen.”

You will be able to choose from gameplay modes such as Score Attack and Boss Rush, as well as Double Play in which you have the ability to pilot two ships at once. You can also compete against players online in the world rankings, and choose between original or remixed background music.

Raiden III x MIKADO MANIAX will release at retail and digitally on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch in North America on 6th June and across Europe, Australia and New Zealand on 9th June 2023.

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