Racing Apex Speeds Into View On Nintendo Switch

racing apex screenshot

Modern racing action in a hard polygon shell comes to Nintendo Switch, with Lucky Mountain Games announcing plans to release Racing Apex on the console.

The arcade-style racer is inspired by the early 3D polygon arcade racing games that were released way back in 1988, but modernises the concept with car combat and multiplayer mayhem.

Once a Kickstarter project, the developer cancelled their search for funding and have continued to work on the game over this past year. It was once suggested that the game was headed to Wii U, but it’s understandable that such an intention has changed.

With eight game modes, more than 30 vehicles, over 16 circuits to race around, offensive and defensive weapons to deploy and online global leaderboards, it certainly isn’t lacking in content, but it is unclear precisely when it will enter the starting grid on Nintendo Switch.

Racing Apex will release on Nintendo Switch.

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