Rabbids Amusement Center Opens In Montreal This August


We know that Ubisoft plan to open a next-generation theme park in Malaysia in 2020, but their ambition will be realised sooner than that.

On a far less grandiose scale than the 10,000-square-meter indoor complex that will contain rides, shows and other attractions inspired by their games and characters, Ubisoft Canada will open a Rabbids Amusement Center on the West Island of Montreal this summer.

Set to open in August, the Rabbids is seen to be leading the way as “a new type of amusement center.”

“The Rabbids are a perfect match with our vision for this project,” explains Ubisoft Canada managing director Olivier Ernst. “Being a brand with universal appeal, it allows for the development of a physical, accessible, and truly fun experience for the entire family. It goes without saying that we’re thrilled to develop this major project right here at home, in Quebec.”

The Raving Rabbids began life as a spin-off to the Rayman series, but has since grown to become its own franchise. We first saw them back in 2006’s Rayman Raving Rabbids, and they were last seen on a Nintendo platform with 2012’s Rabbids Rumble on Nintendo 3DS.


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