Rabbid Luigi Unleashes His Bworb In Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Character Spotlight


Rabbid Luigi will soon team up with Mario and pals to save the Mushroom Kingdom, and, in a new Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle character spotlight, we can see what the ingenious Rabbid hero brings to the team.

Easily scared, Rabbid Luigi can unleash his Bworb or Rocket to inflict damage to large areas, use his Super Barrier technique to protect against super effects, his Weaken technique to (unsurprisingly) weaken enemy attacks, and his special Vamp Dash move to drain enemy Health Points with a Dash.

Ubisoft adds that while he may not seem particularly menacing at first, his great defensive and elemental skills mean that he will play an important role in the team.

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle will release exclusively for Nintendo Switch worldwide on August 29th.

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