Quiz Show and Desert Island Escape revealed for Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival


Nintendo has revealed that Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival‘s main board game will be accompanied by Quiz Show, Balloon Island and Desert Island Escape minigames – requiring at least one Animal Crossing amiibo card to play.

The fiendish Quiz Show will put your knowledge of the Animal Crossing series to the test, while Balloon Island will see you popping as many of the pesky, floating inflatables as possible. Desert Island Escape seems the most intriguing, putting each animal’s different skills to use as you uncover materials and evade enemies as you look to construct a raft to escape to safety within seven days.

As for the main event, amiibo Festival’s board game will see four players compete to collect as many Happy Points as they can. Players will use their amiibo to roll the dice and move around the board, where each space will involve their character in a sketch – whether that be singing at the station for more Bells, heading on a shopping trip or visiting the town’s museum.

Each session will take an in-game month, with every turn representing a single day. That means that the season will change, with different months letting you participate in Fishing Tourneys and Bug-Offs while Joan will appear on Sundays to sell her turnip wares.

Accumulated Happy Points can be saved to your Animal Crossing amiibo, letting you unlock new emotions and costumes – with five available per character. The town will also evolve as you play, with players rewarded by constructing new buildings and discovering new routes.

Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival will launch in North America on November 13th, and across Europe on November 20th.

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