Quilladin, Braixen and Frogadier announced for Pokémon X & Y


It’s been quite the week for Pokémon X & Y news, and it doesn’t seem to be stopping there.

Today we learn of the first evolved forms for new starter Pokémon Chespin, Fennekin, and Froakie.

Grass-type Chespin’s hard spikes grow sturdier when it evolves into Quilladin, apparently allowing it to “withstand the impact of even something the size of a tractor-trailer truck without flinching.” Its shell can repel attacks, and it can learn the Ground-type move Mud Shot, which does damage to opponents and lowers their Speed, which is super effective against Fire-type Pokémon.

Braixen is the evolved form of Fire-type Fennekin, which keeps a small twig tucked into its tail that it often snacks on. The twig’s also used to calm its mind, and is used in battle after being set aflame. Braixen can learn Psychic-type move Psyshock, a special move that deals damage based on the opponent’s Defense, as if it were a physical move.

Meanwhile, Frogadier, the evolution of Water-type Froakie, can jump to the top of “a 2,000-foot tower with ease and eludes its opponents by leaping around ceilings or into trees.” Impressive. Frogadier can learn the Flying-type move Bounce, which is capable of sending the user into the air on its first turn so it can attack on the second. This is super effective against Grass-type Pokémon, which are often a threat to Water-types.

You can see each in the trailer below!

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  1. So friggin’ excited but disappointed in Fennekin’s evolved form.

  2. hello quilladin is cool level 20 in soulblazer


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