QubicGames Reveal Five Upcoming Nintendo Switch Games

QubicGames 2020 Switch Image

QubicGames has hosted their own Nintendo Direct-inspired presentation, revealing five upcoming games that will release on Nintendo Switch this year.

The five games that the publisher has outlined for the portable home console are:

A cyberpunk infused 2D action-RPG. Explore, fight, talk and hack your way through dystopia.

Door Kickers
Real-time strategy game putting you in control of a tactical SWAT team. Plan your attack, choose the right tools and coordinate multiple team members.

Godfire: Rise of Prometheus
Third person action-adventure hack and slash. Vicious combat, grand boss battles, mass character customization and free exploration are centred around an intricate story of betraying the Gods.

Good Night, Knight
Dynamic sneak-and-slash RPG where stealth and dungeon crawling combine. A mix of procedural generation with hand-made puzzles along with a quirky little story all come together.

Real Boxing 2
The renowned Real Boxing series is making its Nintendo Switch debut. Using motion capture from real boxers and built around detail-deep Unreal Engine graphics. Create your own fighter and rise up the ranks of the professional boxing world.

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