Puzzler TENS! Out On Nintendo Switch This Year

TENS! Logo

Kwalee has revealed that their upcoming puzzler TENS! is in development for Nintendo Switch.

The experience has looked to combine Sudoku-style number puzzles with block-dropping mechanics, challenging you to place dice on the board to make “tens” in any row or column to clear it and win.

There is an Endless mode where you must keep playing to beat your high score, but the TENS! Adventure mode’s map lies “at the centre of the game.”

This will challenge you to overcome more than 70 levels that will add twists to the game’s core gameplay, such as special tiles that teleport, re-roll or incinerate the dice that you place.

In the game’s local multiplayer mode, you can race against one another to make TENS! the fasts while blocking each other’s moves.

“The Nintendo Switch is really popular within the Kwalee studio, with many of us being avid players of the console, so creating a game for Switch has been on our minds for quite some time,” explains Kwalee CEO David Darling, CBE.

“We’ve always been focused on games that appeal to everyone, and TENS! is a great example of that. The bosses, the unique puzzles and the core gameplay itself present a challenge to whoever is holding the Switch, so we’re excited to see people playing, making TENS! and what the future could hold for the game or our work on the Switch!”

TENS! will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide in late 2020.

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