Puzzler Mind Gym 3D hits Nintendo 3DS tomorrow


If you’re a Nintendo 3DS owner looking for a little brain training, then you’ll be pleased to know that Puzzler Media are to release Puzzler Mind Gym 3D for the handheld tomorrow.

The game provides an enjoyable 90-day brain work-out program, that allows players to flex their memory muscles prior to taking a daily Mind Gym Challenge set by Professor Ian Robertson, neuroscientist and world expert on cognitive rehabilitation.

The brain exercises within the daily program are designed to help people of all ages to make the most of their minds across four categories – visual, memorisation, word-based and numerical. You are able to track your progress as you complete an exercise, with Professor Ian Robertson also providing expert advice and tips to ensure you mind is sharp both inside and outside of the game.

For those wanting an even more educational experience, you may also learn about different areas of the brain and their associated functions through a range of 3D brain models, as you complete different exercises.

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