Puzzle platformer Hue shifts to Wii U in early 2016


Curve Digital will bring stark puzzle platformer Hue to Wii U early next year, after signing the PC and console publishing rights with developer Fiddlesticks.

When his mother becomes trapped inthe mono world, Hue must use a colour ring that will allow him to alter the perception of colour. Setting out on an adventure to put an end to Doctor Gray’s evil intentions, Hue’s quest will not only shape him as a person but will ultimately alter the world forever.

Funded by video games investment fund Kuju Startups, players will rely on the ability to shift specific colours to manipulate their surrounding environment – uncovering hidden routes, dodging threats, creating platforms and removing hazards as they continue their journey.

“Hue’s been attracting a huge amount of attention since we started showing it at indie expos, but we’ve been particularly impressed with Curve’s enthusiasm for the game,” comments Fiddlesticks creative director Henry Hoffman. “Partnering with the leading publisher of indie games will enable us to make a real impact at launch and will hopefully ensure that Hue is a worldwide hit when it releases next year.”

Curve Digital managing director Jason Perkins adds, “We knew from the moment we laid eyes on it that Hue was a perfect fit for Curve. It’s a genuinely innovative game, full of challenging platforming and wonderful puzzles – with real style and charm. This is the first of our 2016 games we’re announcing, and it’s a real statement of intent.”

Hue will release on Wii U through the Nintendo eShop in Q1 2016.

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