Puzzle Bobble Universe heads to Nintendo 3DS

Square Enix Ltd. has today announced that it is to bring Puzzle Bobble Universe to Nintendo 3DS across European and PAL territories.

The title will see brothers Bub and Bob facing more bubble trouble as they stumble across an unmanned spaceship and a distant cry for help. Unknown to the dinosaur duo, several surrounding planets have ‘doors’ in their vicinity which have been opened, releasing floods of bubbles that are rapidly turning into hazardous space-debris. With Bob captured by the Boss, Bub must act fast to ensure the future safety of all the planets and their inhabitants.

“Puzzle Bobble Universe sees the colourful classic get a 3D makeover,” commented Larry Sparks, Vice President Brands PAL Region of Square Enix Ltd. “The gameplay mechanics and vibrant visuals associated with the series perfectly suit the new console’s capabilities. Puzzle Bobble Universe is sure to be a must-have title for any 3DS owner.”

Puzzle Bobble Universe is due to release within the Nintendo 3DS ‘launch window,’ meaning that it will be available at some point between March 25th and June 7th.

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