Psychological Horror Ikai Out On Nintendo Switch This March

Ikai Screenshot

PM Studios and Endflame have confirmed a release date for their first-person psychological horror game Ikai on Nintendo Switch.

Drawing inspiration from Japanese folklore, you play as a defenceless main character who is incapable of attacking the evil creatures that you are confronted with.

Your only defence against the abominable demons is your ability to ward them off using mystical kanji, as the experience submerges you “into the superstitions of the past driven by a unique story and exploration.”

The publisher has outlined the game’s features as below:

  • Fear: Experience the horror in first-person by the hand of Japanese spirits, monsters, and yokai.
  • Exploration: Wander around a feudal Shinto shrine and explore to unveil the story behind Naoko, the main character.
  • Drawing: Concentrate on drawing protective seals over the strange sounds and events happening around you.
  • Puzzles Pit your wits against challenges that will try to stop you
  • Stealth and Run: Be silent, do not disturb the evil… Or just run, run away from it all, if you can.

Ikai will release at retail and digitally on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide on 29th March 2022.

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