Psikyo Shooting Stars Alpha Defends The Skies On Nintendo Switch In January 2020

Psikyo Shooting Stars Alpha Box Art

NIS America and City Connection have confirmed a release date for Psikyo Shooting Stars Alpha on Nintendo Switch.

This collection brings together Psikyo’s classic shoot ’em ups, now rendered in high-definition. You will have the chance to play in either the horizontal or vertical TATE mode, as well as handing a Joy-Con to a friend to team up in local multiplayer.

Psikyo Shooting Stars Alpha Contents

Strikers 1945 – The mysterious C.A.N.Y. organization seeks to conquer the world with powerful superweapons, and only the Strikers team can take them down and restore peace!

Strikers 1945 II – The Strikers team is called into action once again when a new threat appears in the form of the F.G.R. faction and their massive mecha technology!

Strikers 1945 III – A swarm of alien microbots known as “nanites” have infiltrated Earth’s military bases, and the heroic Strikers must utilize powerful new vehicles and weapons to repel the invaders!

Sol Divide – The evil emperor Ifter seeks to become a demon and take over the world. It is up to three powerful heroes to rise up and stop his nefarious campaign!

Dragon Blaze – Four dragon rider knights, each with their own goals, are on a quest to slay the Demon King. Will their quests end in triumph…or ruin?

Zero Gunner 2 – To free the world from the evil conglomerate Igem and their destructive ONI machine, the blazing guns of the Zero Gunner squadron are called in to take them down!

Psikyo Shooting Stars Alpha will release at retail and on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide on 21st January 2020.

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