PSA World Tour Squash 2015 strikes Wii on May 22nd


Having seemingly never seen release last year, Alternative Software’s PSA World Tour Squash 2015 slams to Wii next month.

Slated as the “World’s first video game dedicated to the sport of Squash,” you’ll play against the best players from around the world such as Nick Matthew, Amr Shabana, Gregory Gaultier and Ramy Ashour.

Officially licensed by the Professional Squash Association, you’ll compete in an Offline Tournament Mode, Arcade Mode and local Multiplayer Mode, with the option to create your own squash player.

The Wii Remote allows you to make use of every squash shot, such as nicks, corkscrews and dives, with advanced shots like flat nicks, corkscrews and skid boasts available to unlock.

PSA World Tour Squash 2015 will release exclusively for Wii in Europe on May 22nd.

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