Protodroid DeLTA Guns For May Release Date

Protodroid DeLTA Logo

Humble Games and Adam Kareem have confirmed a release date for their 3D action-platformer Protodroid DeLTA, which is coming to Nintendo Switch.

Set in a beautiful and hopeful solarpunk world, this “love letter to the classics” comes packed with a colourful cast of characters to meet, challenging bosses to topple, distinct winnable weapons, hidden upgrades to discover and a story of coexistence between humanity and AI.

The publisher has outlined the game’s key features, which are:

  • Dynamic 3D action platforming: Draw upon DeLTA’s extraordinary dexterity and distinctive arsenal to navigate challenging stages. Jump and shoot in fast and fluid 3D gameplay channeling the 2D classics of the genre.
  • Discover a solarpunk world: Journey through the beautiful and hopeful (but not quite utopian) world of Radia, where solar power is dominant, and humanity and technology coexist with nature.
  • Take on stages in any order: Decide how and when to take on the Vypers. Pick from distinctive stages, fight personality-filled bosses on their home turf, and claim their unique weapons.
  • Vibrant characters: Learn the stories behind a diverse cast of larger-than-life Vyper Masters, rival roboticists, and other Protodroids who operate by a different code.
  • Seek hidden upgrades: Enhance DeLTA’s capabilities by searching for upgrades and power-ups, and master new blade techniques by locating your fellow Protodroid AnnDROID in each stage.

Protodroid DeLTA will release digitally on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide on 25 May 2023.

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