Protect Your Nintendo Switch With The Near Indestructible 1170 Custom Case


With Nintendo Switch presenting the chance to enjoy home console gaming on the go, many have looked to make sure that they can keep their console protected in the best way possible.

That’s where The Pelican Store comes in, who have produced a watertight, crushproof and dust-proof 1170 Nintendo Switch Custom Case, which can be seen as a near indestructible option for you to consider.

The case will let you carry your Nintendo Switch Console with Joy-Con controllers attached and six game cards with space left over for accessories such as Joy-Con Straps or a charging cable.

Everything is protected with solid foam, while the case is made from stainless steel. It has a double throw latch system, automatic pressure equalisation valve, an O-ring seal and padlock protectors, meaning that you can also keep whatever you place inside secure. Although, that doesn’t stop someone from running off with it…

The 1170 Nintendo Switch Custom Case is available in black, green, orange, desert tan, silver and yellow, priced at $69.78.

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