Protect Your Colony In Surviving The Aftermath On Nintendo Switch

Surviving The Aftermath Logo

Paradox Interactive and Iceflake Studios have revealed that Surviving The Aftermath will release on Nintendo Switch.

You will be challenged to build and manage a colony of survivors after a world-ending event, exploring a procedurally-generated world in your search for resources, hunting wildlife and fighting off rival societies.

There are more than 61 unique buildings for you to construct, helping you to handle everything from resource collection and farming to exploration and security.

You must fortify your gate and protect your colony from rampaging animals and deadly bandits, recruiting more than 80 unique Specialists (that each has their own skills and motivations) to send out on scientific missions, scavenger runs and more.

“Players have been asking for Nintendo Switch support since we first revealed the game at PDXCON last year,” explains game director Lasse Liljedahl.

“Keeping true to our word of listening to player feedback, we’ve been hard at work optimizing the game for Nintendo’s console. Expanding to Switch makes Surviving the Aftermath more accessible to our community and allows players to enjoy the game wherever they go.”

Surviving The Aftermath will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide in Spring 2021 priced at £26.99 ($29.99).

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