Project Ukulele’s “big reveal” coming when Kickstarter launches on May 1st


Playtonic Games excited the world when they revealed their plans to develop a “spiritual successor” to Banjo-Kazooie, six veterans from Rare drawing on their industry experience to deliver a game that we still only know Project Ukulele.

They later revealed at EGX Rezzed their intention to launch a Kickstarter campaign that will begin on May 1st, and which the independent developer promise will be their “big reveal.”

We so far know that Project Ukulele will be familiarly fronted by two starring animal characters, that will learn new abilities to explore more of their world.

Playtonic’s decision to turn to Kickstarter was more to help assess the demand behind particular platforms, and as to whether they should consider physical editions and collector items – such as amiibo.

“We’re almost starting a pre-Kickstarter Kickstarter campaign,” creative director Gavin Price previously explained. “We don’t want to force tiers and stretch goals on fans, we’d love to hear if people would like to voice characters, if people want to have early access to the game, perhaps – and this is just a pipe dream – if we can have a boxed N64 copy of the game to really play off the game’s nostalgic feel. So it’s about finding out what people want from us from the Kickstarter campaign and then creating it with that in mind.”

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