Project Sonic 2017 Revealed As Sonic Forces

Once known as Project Sonic 2017, Sonic Team head Takashi Iizuka has revealed that the game will be called Sonic Forces.

He explained that title’s relation to the blue blur’s next adventure will, in part, refer to Sonic and his friends and Dr. Eggman’s mechanical army – forces that will oppose one another.

It will star modern and classic Sonic and was positioned as “a brand new experience” rather than a direct sequel to Sonic Generations when the anniversary project was revealed last July.

Iizuka explained that there will be three unique gameplay styles in the game, with modern Sonic shown to attendees at the SXSW Gaming 2017 panel. Classic Sonic will be the second gameplay style, leaving the third currently unknown.

Within the footage that was shared, Iizuka indicated that it had shown that Wisp powers will return from Sonic Colours, Red Star Rings will appear, and that a sense of speed has been a particular goal for the development team.

The game has been built in an entirely new engine, which Sonic Team has called Hedgehog Engine 2.

Sonic Forces will release on Nintendo Switch in Holiday 2017.

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