Project CARS tutorial trailer showcases Pitbox and Qualifying sessions


Bandai Namco Games haven’t only revealed four new tracks this past week, having now also shared a new tutorial trailer for the racing simulator.

This continues to take viewers through the modes and features that the game comprises of, this time taking you for a spin around a qualifying session while discussing elements within the Pitbox – whether that be the Monitor, Pit Strategy Manager or Tuning Setups.

These will allow you to take an advance look at the track and your competition, and help you gain a tactical advantage for the race ahead of you.

Project CARS will release for Wii U in 2015.

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  1. Why does Nintendo keep hyping this game up? It’s not going to be released on the Wii U. I tried ordering it last week (on 3/10/2015) from Slightly Mad Studios own website, but every time I clicked on the Wii U version it instead directed me to purchase the steam version. Then I went to both the Amazon and Best Buy websites and realized that you couldn’t preorder it there either. I found that weird so I went to the local gamestop and they confirmed it for me. According to gamestop the Wii U version has been cancelled. That’s why they stopped taking orders for that version alone. They told me that that’s why there is zero video evidence of the game running on the Wii U.

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