Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask DLC schedule

professor layton

Players that have stormed their way through Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask probably already have more picarats than they know what to do with.

Yet LEVEL-5 will support the game with an additional year’s worth of puzzles, entirely free of charge, and such downloadable content has already become available.

These puzzles began to become downloadable since the Nintendo 3DS game released across Europe, with the continuing schedule as follows:
* October 26th: The Alchemist’s Lair 01
* October 27th: Tetraton 01
* October 28th: Ghouls and Guards 01
* October 29th: Big Block Box 01
* October 30th: Pen Pals 01
* October 31st: Food Chain 01
* November 1st: Bewitching Night 01
* November 2nd: Feuding Fiefdoms
* November 3rd: Tomb of the Ancients 01
* November 4th: Perilous Voyage 01
* November 5th: The Alchemist’s Lair 02
* November 6th: Tetraton 02
* November 7th: Ghouls and Guards 02
* November 8th: Big Block Box 02
* November 9th: Pen Pals 02
* November 10th: Food Chain 02
* November 11th: Bewitching Night 02
* November 12th: Feuding Fiefdoms 02
* November 13th: Tomb of the Ancients 02
* November 14th: Perilous Voyage 02

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