Professor Layton and the Last Specter receives trailer and screenshots

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Nintendo has confirmed that it is to release the next entry within Level-5’s beloved Professor Layton series is due to release across North America later this year, and throughout Europe too presumably.

This fourth entry within the popular puzzle-adventure series was released in Japan back in November 2009 for Nintendo DS, under the title ‘Layton Jyoju to Majin no Fue’ (which translates to ‘Professor Layton and the Specter’s Flute’).

Acting as a prequel, its premise sees a young Professor Layton stumble upon a mysterious, foggy town known as Mist Haley, that is protected by the watchful eye of a shadowy giant whenever his flute is used to summon him. However, the figure has turned against the village it previously swore to protect and it is up to the Professor, a young boy from the village called Luke Triton who is heavily involved in the legend of the Specter, and a former colleague named Emmy Altava, to seek out why.

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