Proceed With Caution In Darkwood On Nintendo Switch

Darkwood Key Art

Crunching Koalas and Acid Wizard have revealed that Darkwood will release on Nintendo Switch, a survival horror game that does not rely on jump scares.

This procedurally-generated game is set in East-Central Europe, where a forest has been possessed by unknown evil forces that corrupt all the inhabitants of the woods – whether that be people, animals, or even the plants.

With no linear path, you must proceed with caution. Every decision that you make will impact both your character and Darkwood’s inhabitants. You can get new powers by extracting a strange essence from mutated fauna and flora, to then inject it directly into your bloodstream.

You must craft weapons, prepare traps, and fortify hideouts, as, while you will explore the eerie forest by day, you will have to hunker down to defend your hideout at night.

Darkwood will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide in May.

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