Princess Peach: Showtime! Trailer Reveals Four More Transformations

Princess Peach: Showtime New Transformations Screenshot

Nintendo has shared a new trailer for Princess Peach: Showtime!, revealing four new transformations for the first time.

After her trip to the Sparkle Theater goes off script when the wicked Grape and the Sour Bunch steal the show, Princess Peach must team up with its guardian, Stella, and use a powerful ribbon to take on several starring roles.

The four transformations that you have been revealed, and what you can expect from them, include:

  • Figure Skater Peach: Use her practiced poise to take to the rink and put her foes on thin ice. Join the other dancers in a dazzling performance filled with quick-timed spins and jumps, and skate around the competition to help your fellow performers.
  • Dashing Thief Peach: Traverse, infiltrate, and swing through this daring performance with various gadgets and sneak by the defences of the thieves at the Sour Bunch. Embrace the thrills (and charms) of espionage, then make your dramatic escape.
  • Mermaid Peach: Being beneath the sea won’t stop Peach from carrying a tune. Use her magical voice to control schools of fish or harmonize with an aquatic orchestra. Direct these friendly sea creatures to reveal pathways and help solve puzzles.
  • Mighty Peach: Look toward the sky: It’s … Mighty Peach! Go from hero to superhero and defend the locals with powerful punches and superhuman strength. Fly, fling objects and fight enemies in an action-filled spectacle on the sky and on the ground.

Those who pre-order Princess Peach: Showtime! (£49.99) from the My Nintendo Store will receive a pin and notebook as pre-order bonus items, or you can pay slightly more (£56.99) to add a shopping bag complete with pink straps and covered in character art for Peach’s many transformations.

Princess Peach: Showtime! will be released at retail and digitally on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide on 22 March 2024.

Princess Peach: Showtime! Transformation Trailer

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