Prepare To Compete In Danger Mouse: The Danger Games On Nintendo Switch


9th Impact has announced that Danger Mouse: The Danger Games will release on Nintendo Switch, which will see the great secret agent and his clumsy sidekick compete in Quark’s latest reality TV show.

The contestants – whether that be Danger Mouse, Penfold, Colonel K, Baron Greenback, or Jeopardy Mouse – will be faced with bizarre and unnecessary challenges as they compete against each other all in the name of fame.

After choosing your race deck from more than 20 pieces of tech that include the Shrinkatizer, Freeze Ray, Carrot Rocket and the Danger Car, players will race through streets packed with menacing creatures and obstacles to overcome.

With mini-game challenges to complete as fast as you can, character and tech cards to collect, and new Race Arenas to unlock by building your Star Power, your chance to become famous will come through winning trophies and claiming your place on the superstar leaderboards.

Danger Mouse: The Danger Games will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch in 2018.

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