Prepare to hunt Kecha Wacha in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate


Capcom have revealed Kecha Wacha, which they describe as being a monstrous, “strange ape fox” that will appear in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate.

With the 3DS exclusive introducing vertical variance to combat scenarios, players will need to be aware of how it makes use of their surrounding terrain. If you approach the Kecha Wacha across vines then it may also shake them to temporarily stun you, and open to attack. If the monster becomes angry, it covers its eyes with its ears allowing it to become invulnerable to Flash and Sonic Bombs.

It will be a lucrative kill though, allowing players to craft striking Blademaster and Gunner armor, as well as a Great Sword or Hunting Horn.

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate will release exclusively for 3DS in early 2015.










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