Precision-Platformer Will You Snail? Coming To Nintendo Switch

Will You Snail? Key Art

No Gravity Games and Jonas Tyroller have announced that Will You Snail? will release on Nintendo Switch.

In this fast-paced precision platformer, you will be challenged to evade the evil AI Squid who tries to predict your movements a few seconds ahead of time – using that information in an effort to stop you from ever reaching the end of the level.

That will challenge you to dodge the traps that Squid spawns and solve optional puzzles, in “a rather crazy story about artificial intelligence, simulation theory and the future of humanity.” Along the way, you will uncover secrets, collect clues and have the chance to piece together where you are and what has happened.

The publisher has outlined the game’s features as below:

  • Innovative Gameplay: AI Squid will try to kill you in many ways depending on your playstyle.
  • Clever Puzzles and mechanics designed to make your brain work at full-speed
  • Changing Environment: Dodge the AI spawned traps – Squid will find a way to make your escape harder.
  • Captivating Story: Literally! Uncover the truth about AI, Simulation Theory, and the future of humanity.
  • Difficulty adjustment: If you feel like it’s too hard for you, you can lower the difficulty. Or maybe you thrive for a challenge?

Will You Snail? will release digitally on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide on 9th March 2022.

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