Power Rangers Pack Morphs Into Minecraft Today

power rangers minecraft image

With the Power Rangers movie hitting cinema screens around the world, Mojang has announced that a super-powered Power Rangers Pack has become available in Minecraft today.

This new pack not only introduces skins for the brightly-coloured Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, but also cackling villains like Rita Repulsa, Bulk and Skull.

Power Rangers fans can also look forward to seeing the Zord mechas combine to form the almighty Megazord.

“As a teen I remember getting out of school, grabbing a snack and settling into the cartoon line-up,” explains Power Rangers Pack artist Mike Fielder.

“Part of that routine was watching Power Rangers. When I found out we would be working on a Minecraft version of some of the character line-up I was pretty excited and even more so when I found out Bulk and Skull would be included since they were my favourite characters.

“I had a blast creating Minecraft versions of these characters. I hope everyone who uses these skins has as much fun playing them as I did creating them.”

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