“Possibility definitely exists” to bring Pokkén Tournament to western audiences


NHK World’s most recent ‘imagine-nation’ episode was entirely dedicated to The Pokémon Company and Bandai Namco’s collaborative fighting title, Pokkén Tournament.

As part of that, they had the chance to interview The Pokémon Company’s CEO and president Tsunekazu Ishihara, who touched on their reasons for producing the spin-off and whether it would see a western release.

“Considering that many of the people in the generation who experienced Red and Green are now nearing their thirties, and those who were in elementary school then are now in university, we aimed to make a game for those who grew up playing Pokémon—rather than just target children,” Ishihara explained. “The bottom line is, we want to show adults that this is the new Pokémon, and get them to play.”

“I think the possibility definitely exists,” Ishihara responded, asked as to whether there was any chance that it could release overseas.

“Basically, as an arcade game we would like to push the boundaries of combining familiar Pokémon characters with new and unexpected ones in battle. We want to show people different kinds of Pokémon characters that they can actually use.”

If you’re interested in watching the episode, you can do so on demand through NHK’s website until Tuesday 14th July.

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