Pose questions to Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate producer Ryozo Tsujimoto


Eager fans awaiting the arrival of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate have been granted the opportunity to pose questions to the game’s producer, Ryozo Tsujimoto.

Nintendo will then pluck a selection of these, which will then be answered within a special video that will be shared ahead of the game’s release in March.

So, if you’ve ever perhaps wondered where Capcom get their inspiration for the monster designs, how they found developing for Nintendo’s platforms, or what Tsujimoto-san’s favourite aspect of the series is, now is your chance to ask!

In order for your question to have the chance of being chosen, make your way to either the Wii U UK Facebook page or the Nintendo 3DS UK Facebook page to ask them.

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate will release for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS across North America on March 19th, and Europe on March 22nd.

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  1. Monster Hunter is a franchise that only recently I became addicted to, and it a huge part of my life. I personally started with Tri, but I am a little shaky on Ultimate. Ya, it’s all nice on WiiU, but the 3DS version doesn’t have online capabilities… it’s an odd choice, considering in Japan Monster Hunter blew up on the PSP.

    Having online on the 3DS would be an excellent idea, playing with anyone around the world with a 3DS and a Wii U would be a no brainer. What’s the reason 3DS version has no online? Monster Hunter 4 will be online, why not let people have a taste of whats to come?

    It’s a bit unfair to have a extremely superior version of the same game. There is less of an appeal of the 3DS version and it’s almost useless to release this game on the 3DS… the reason you get a Monster Hunter game is for the thrill of the hunt online with friends, but if I have to own a Wii U copy or be in the same room with my friend at all times to experience the true nature of the hunt on the 3DS… isn’t that ruining what makes Monster Hunter very popular and great. So after my little pet peeve there, in the end… why isn’t Monster Hunter 3DS an online game, when it’s perfect to have online?

    Ikeos of Gamerpeanuts

  2. Also I was thinking of getting into the gaming field as a 3D modeler… I know it’s a stretch but working on a Monster Hunter title or being involved in one is a dream of mine.

    Is there any way of working on one as an American? I wouldn’t mind moving to Japan and learning Japanese. I mean Manga and ramen is awesome, but jokes aside is there a way an American like me would ever dream of working with the amazing group of people you work with everyday… if you need a position for anything it would be an honor.

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