Portal Knights Receives Free Questing Update And Elves, Rogues And Rifts DLC On Nintendo Switch

Portal Knights Elves, Rogues And Rifts Screenshot

505 Games and Keen Games have released the free Questing update for Portal Knights on Nintendo Switch.

This will add the Mage’s Guild, a new quest city crammed with characters and Elysian lore. And then, in Creative Mode, you can now place monsters as well as traps and puzzles with new logic blocks, buttons, and pressure plates to create your own dungeons.

The new Quest Log will help you track quests as you warp between islands, while other quality of life updates, bug fixes, performance optimizations, and other surprises have been implemented.

The Elves, Rogues, and Rifts paid downloadable content (£7.99) is also available, which will unlock the new Elvish race and Rogue class as well as the Elvish City and Rogue’s Guild.

You will travel to Faynore, Elysia’s moon, to uncover its mysteries. That will see you explore Roguelite Rifts, randomly-generated dungeons in which your time is limited that require absolute mastery to secure the best loot.

Those that buy the downloadable content can invite their friends to join them in these new areas to preview the expansion content for free.

Portal Knights is now available for Nintendo Switch worldwide.

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