Portal-Inspired Gravity Lane 981 Coming To Nintendo Switch

Gravity Lane 981 Screenshot

ByteRockers’ Games has announced that Gravity Lane 981 will release on Nintendo Switch.

This first-person puzzler has been created as “a love letter to the Portal series,” that promises to deliver “a thrilling, funny and heart-warming story” and the chance to manipulate gravity.

You will play as Stella, a talented but moderately successful inventor, who lives in an enormous villa that has belonged to her family for generations. With a family that’s far from ordinary, her closest relatives are a dubious bunch of ingenious explorers and villains.

However, Stella is the last living family member and the sole heir to the villa. Returning to it, she discovers that the Dead Paw security system has been activated – starting a lethal self-destruction bomb’s countdown.

Stella is the only one that can restart the software to avert catastrophe, who, armed with a gravity gun that’s powered by her talking hamster Greg, must reach the server room to do so.

Gravity Lane 981 will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide in 2020.

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