POLYGOD Will Support Gyro Motion Aiming On Nintendo Switch

POLYGOD Screenshot

Krafted Games has announced that POLYGOD will have optional motion aiming controls on Nintendo Switch, letting you choose to play the minimalist and rogue-like first-person shooter with gyroscopic input.

In POLYGOD, players will combine and stack unique blessings to create unique weapons in both online co-op and versus multiplayer, as they hope to ascend to Godhood.

“We’ve noticed a trend of Switch players using gyro motion controls in conjunction with standard controls to gain more accuracy,” shares Dominic Obojkovits, Krafted Games co-founder, lead designer and programmer.

“We think this control system will enhance the FPS experience of POLYGOD so we’re adding it as an optional feature for all Switch gamers.”

POLYGOD will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide in 2018, priced at £16.19 (€16.59 / $14.99).

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