Pokkén Tournament’s Halloween event unlocks Mismagius and Ninetales

Bandai Namco Entertainment has launched a Halloween event in Pokkén Tournament, which will run in arcades across Japan between 15th October – 3rd November 2015.

Serebii reports that those that use a BANA Passport during the event to log into the Pokkén Tournament network will unlock a new Support Pokémon set as a reward.

That will allow Trainers to call on Mismagius and Ninetales in battle, in helping them to regain or maintain the upper hand. Mismagius can use the Ominous Wind move to deal damage and increase attack power, whereas Ninetales will use Will-O-Wisp to unleash a flame in front of your playable character.

Halloween-themed outfits will also be released, while the Haunted House stage finds itself adorned with pumpkins and other decorations to mark the occasion.

Pokkén Tournament will release exclusively for Wii U worldwide in Spring 2016.


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