Pokkén Tournament Update 1.2 Now Live


Nintendo has pushed live a new software update for Pokkén Tournament, with their tinkering seeing the Wii U exclusive now sat at Version 1.2.

This has primarily been prioritised to address a glitch that had allowed those playing as Shadow Mewtwo to force opponents to continuously block, which was the result of performing a combo using specific moves.

Aside from that, Support Pokémon Reshiram has been balanced and several other bugs have been fixed.

The complete patch notes are as follows:

  • Correct the issue that enables Shadow Mewtwo to force opponents to continually block by using certain moves repeatedly
  • Adjust the battle balance of the Support Pokémon Reshiram
  • Repair several other bugs

We enjoyed our time with the energetic Pokémon brawler, concluding in our review: “Whether or not it will be a fighting game that will dominate the competitive scene for the next few years is impossible to say. But, whether you are a genre enthusiast, a Pokémon fan or just a gamer in general, Pokkén Tournament is an incredibly fun game with solid mechanics that can certainly hold their own.”

Pokkén Tournament is now available exclusively for Wii U worldwide.

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