Pokkén Tournament DX Special Codes Unlock Free Avatar Items


The Pokémon Company has released special codes for Pokkén Tournament DX on Nintendo Switch, that can be used to unlock new items for your avatar.

These special codes will let your dress your avatar with new clothes, hairstyles, and hats, keeping them as stylish as possible as they command their Pokémon from the sidelines.

There are six codes currently, with three for each avatar gender. These unlock the Hamburger Hat, Old Leather Jacket, and Simple T-Shirt – the last of which showers you with t-shirts emblazoned with each Pokémon fighter.

How To Enter Special Codes In Pokkén Tournament DX

  1. On the Ferrum Region map screen, press X to enter the System Menu
  2. Select the Special Code option
  3. Enter the case sensitive code when prompted
  4. Once you’ve arrived at the Special Code entry screen, enter the following codes to claim your rewards.

Female Avatar Special Codes

Hamburger Hat & Short Bob: USBXKG8X4GLG
Old Leather Jacket Set: NQLMEMRGX37X
Simple T-Shirt Set: J7XEEQLYNDMT
Cool Clothes Set: ABZMNSU8D7QN

Male Avatar Special Codes

Hamburger Hat & Medium Hair: H5D9YZFETCQZ
Old Leather Jacket Set: 6GSSALLDM9RL
Simple T-Shirt Set: TC2JY22VBQUU
Cool Clothes Set: 8RMGLXANVZ3R

Hamburger Hat Screenshot


Old Leather Jacket Set Screenshot


Simple T-shirt Set Screenshot


Cool Clothes Set Screenshot


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