PokéStop Locations Boost GameStop Sales By 100 Percent

gamestop store

GameStop CEO J. Paul Raines has credited Pokémon GO in helping to drive consumers to their stores, boosting sales at a time when sales typically slow for the games industry.

That was thanks in part to PokéStop and PokéGym locations appearing nearby, with which the company saw an opportunity to host family events and promote their Pokémon merchandise.

“We surveyed our stores, and we had 462 stores just this past weekend that are PokéStops or PokéGyms,” Paul Raines explained to CNBC. “So we did some family events, and our sales were up 100 percent in those stores and, of course, our Pokémon merchandise is up significantly across the board. We’re very happy to see all this excitement around Pokémon in what is traditionally a slower time of the year for video gaming.”

Businesses that are situated near a PokéStop have seen an opportunity in downloading the app, purchasing and placing Lure Modules, which attract Pokémon to their location for 30 minutes. This benefits all players, attracting many that have been captivated by the augmented reality app.

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