Pokémon’s April Fool’s sees 800 Slowpoke escape from research facility


The Pokémon Company International have declared an emergency, with 800 Slowpoke having escaped from a top secret research facility in Japan’s Kagawa prefecture.

The facility, which was built in 1963 on an unmanned island in the Seto Inland Sea, has been researching how to use Slowpoke’s “Rain Inducing Yawn” to solve water shortages in the region. Researchers believed that if everyone living in Kagawa prefecture yawned at the same time, it would cause enough rain to fall.

With the Kagawa Water Channel having successfully secured water resources, the research facility instead moved to a new project – “Analysis and Reproduction of the Sweet Component of Slowpoke Tail Sap” – with the escape happening days after it started.

“We are deeply sorry that we have kept the Slowpoke projects veiled in secrecy all these years and allows the Slowpoke to escape,” explains Kagawa Prefectural Slowpoke Research Center’s chief researcher Souki Matsushita.

They’re asking for everyone to report any sightings, shared through Twitter with the hashtag #sanukiyadon. This has encouraged some funny photos, with a few for you to see below!


Alex Seedhouse
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